Geckota Ocean-Scout in Royal blue - A Surf & Turf watch
Review by Simen Ravnlie

With the release of the Ocean-Scout, Geckota is giving us a watch worthy of exploration and adventure. Let’s explore what makes this a good choice to accompany you on your next journey.
The very first thing that just catches the eye is that lovely red text that contrasts so well with the deep blue dial and bezel. In all honesty, I’m not a big fan of blue watches in general but the blue colour that they chose for this model works very well as it reminds me of the deep blue sea. The next thing I noticed is the design cues taken from the old adventurer watches like the Rolex Explorer. I’m a huge sucker for 3-6-9 dials, and it works so well on this watch. The minute and seconds hand is the perfect length, Just in reach of the minute track and super easy to read. I’m also quite enjoying the choice they’ve made with the case shape. It’s just different enough to stand out among the vast ocean of watches and still feel familiar. The Straight end bracelet option for this watch really looks the part and feels very high quality with great finish. The clasp is very small and solid, but I would have liked to see a couple of more micro adjustment holes for the perfect fit and adjustability on those “swollen wrist” days.
When putting it on the wrist, another little detail becomes clear. They have managed to make this watch quite thin. It’s the exact same thickness as the Tudor Pelagos 39, but because of the slimmer lugs this watch seems substantially thinner on the wrist. I love this kind of visual wizardry. The lug to lug is comfortable at around 48mm, but in all honesty I wish they were a little bit shorter to match up to the diameter of the watch case as the longer lugs may limit this watch as an option for people with smaller wrist. Worth noting is that the lugs has quite a bit of curve to them, so they hug the wrist nicely despite their length. The box sapphire crystal really looks the part on this watch and the AR coating is without colour.
Now let’s talk about the watch collectors “fidget toy”, The Bezel. This watch has a uni-directional 120 click bezel. There is absolutely no backplay and everything lines up. Turning the bezel feels very responsive and the sound is a very consistent with a deeper “click”. Absolutely suited for all your fidgeting needs and timing those boiling eggs to perfection.
The movement ticking inside is a Miyota 9039 movement. This is one of the more “high end” movement offered from Miyota. Offering approx. 42 hours of power reserve and accuracy between – 10 / +30 seconds a day. The one I have, runs at about +10 seconds a day which I much prefer over -1 second a day.   
For those low light situations, BWG9 Super Luminova. It doesn’t light up a room but will most definitely shine bright enough to read the time. When flipping the watch over, there is a beautiful Nautical compass that gives it even more of that “Sea adventurer” feeling.
In Summary. 
This watch is essentially the “Surf & Turf” of the watch world. It’s the perfect watch for exploring whether that is in the mountains or the seas. If you are in the market for a GADA watch that takes the perfect amount of “exploration and adventure” in a modern take, this watch should be on your list. Geckota isn’t the biggest brand in the watchmaking industry, but they make watches that punches well above their price range and the quality is always superb.

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