Canopy Watch Co. "Wake One"  - "Accessible luxury" from a micro brand
Review by Simen Ravnlie
In a bold endeavour to redefine the boundaries of luxury timepieces, Canopy Watch Co. has taken the horological world by storm with their debut release, the "Wake One."
As I explored the intricacies of this timepiece, I was immediately drawn to its striking forged carbon bezel insert, a subtle detail that added a touch of sophistication to the watch. The "sandpaper" textured dial and lumed bezel markers further enhanced its appeal, creating a lovely blend of textures.
The 39mm case size, complemented by the 46mm lug-to-lug distance, makes the Wake One an ideal fit for a wide range of wrists. The brushed finish, along with highly polished edges and sides, adds to its refined look. Though slightly thicker than some watches, the added heft is justifiable to maintain the impressive 200m water resistance and accommodate the sapphire caseback, a rare and desirable feature in this price range.
Canopy Watch Co. has exceeded expectations with their attention to detail, evident in the signed crown matching the forged carbon bezel insert. The bracelet and clasp have not been overlooked, as they exude quality and solidity, far exceeding what is often found in microbrands. The on-the-fly micro adjustment on the milled clasp is a game-changer, showcasing Canopy's dedication to practicality and user experience.
Inside the watch, a modified Sellita SW200-1 movement powers the Wake One, boasting reliability and precision. The sight of the matte black rotor through the sapphire caseback adds an extra layer of intrigue, reflecting the brand's commitment to showcasing the beauty within.
Canopy Watch Co.'s "Wake One" emerges as a formidable contender in the world of microbrand watches, where affordability meets luxury without compromise. With their bold vision and meticulous craftsmanship, Canopy has succeeded in creating a timepiece that captivates with its elegance and functionality. As I conclude this review, I am left impressed and inspired by the Wake One—a testament to the potential and excellence that can be achieved when bridging the gap between affordability and luxury. This debut timepiece is a promising sign of exciting things to come from Canopy Watch Co. and an invitation for watch enthusiasts to experience a new standard of accessible luxury.

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